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The primary point of difference between Tropical North Bookkeeping and other NDIS Funding Plan Management or bookkeeping providers is that I live in your world.

As a fully certified, trained and registered bookkeeper with a long association with the NDIS, I understand the processes involved in applications and management. Offering an off-site service that meets your needs from start to finish, I’m here to provide you with well-rounded support for a variety of circumstances

The difference

With Tropical North, you are not dealing with a large company or accountancy firm. You are dealing with an industry professional who walks the same road as you.

I understand the challenges surrounding money for day-to-day activities. I acknowledge that each and every client has their own abilities, strengths and needs. And I have navigated the same struggles that you have in my own personal experiences.  There is no judgement here, only support.

That means I can offer a truly individualised service with solutions that are tailored for your goals and needs so you can get the most out of life.

Ability, not disability

The primary purpose of NDIS funding is to provide the support and tools you need to increase your ability to participate in community, volunteer or work and have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tropical North Bookkeeping wants to hear all about your skills and what you want to achieve. Let’s work with your NDIS team and funding to reach all of your goals!

When you contact me, it will be me that is answering the phone or emails. You will always have a consistent experience and a trusted partner through the process.  There will be no confusion, no conflicting messages and no frustration from dealing with multiple professionals.

Give me a call today and let’s get your journey, and our relationship, started.

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